Wednesday, July 29, 2015

7/29/15 DB's Dailies:Aukai,Kainoa&Sadie@RI, Buster@SB, Kekoa@Maili Pt., 7-28-15 Y/N RI37@ 3 Tables

At 0812 I found Sadie (RB12), and son, Kainoa (RN04) together once again, 40 ft left of 1BS on Rabbit Island. Both would enter the water at 0838. I would not see Sadie again.

 On a pan at 0829 I became aware of an animal , partially visible behind the water front rocks at 3BS. It would prove to be Aukai (RL12). She would enter the water at 0922.

 Kainoa would haul out to the far left end of the beach at 1103. At 1137 Aukai would arrive and both returned to the water for a swim/play session, both hauling out again at 1244, 100 ft left of 1BS, where they remained the rest of the day.

 SE quadrant checks in the morning by both Gayle & myself were zero.

 At 1339 on my afternoon check of the quadrant, I pulled into the Blowhole Lookout, and immediately saw an animal a the west send of SB. It was difficult getting to the location because of high tide, and big waves, but I made it, and confirmed the Buster (RV08) ID at 1344. Buster remains at dark.

 I got a surprise call from my pal, John Johnson this morning, advising that he was a Kaupo Beach Park, and about launch his drone. I was busy looking at RI, but at some point I looked up to see a drone lookin’ right at me. He sent along a coupla’ great shots. Thank you John !

 Team Billand checked in at 0643 with the report of Kekoa (RK72) at Maili Point.

 In the Yesterday’s News department, Dana forward shots from Jesse Ellis, confirming RI37 at 3 Tables yesterday.
 Kainoa and Aukai
Heeerrrereee's Johnny with his drone
 very cool
 Makai Pier as never seen before.... 
 Rabbit Island... all I can say is cool beans!
 yesterday's news ... RI37 at 3 tables

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