Wednesday, July 1, 2015

6/30/2015 DB's Dailies: Cass,Kea,Duke&UF@RI, Duke@SC, Kolohe@LL, RIP&RW02+2UU@KP, Nihoa@St.John's & Maipalaoa Canals, Kimo Kea@ GR, Ua Malie&PO3@TB,

At 0719 while doing my usual 10 check of Blowhole I got a short glimpse of and animal “porpoising” out and bearing west. I watched it do 2 9 minute dives off shore of Bamboo Ridge, and then I relocated to Lanai Lookout. I watch the animal forage from that location moving west. I went to the Lanai Lookout Cove just in time to see the animal move out of the cove, returning to foraging. It continued moving in a westerly direction but did come back toward Lanai Lookout but never hauled out. Gayle would call at 1157 to advise that Kolohe (RW22 to Buster Flats, Lanai Lookout. He would depart at 1221. My swimmer must remain an U/U, but my dollar is definitely on Kolohe. 

At 0914 Gayle called with the report of an animal foraging at Spitting Cave. Her photos captured the right side mid body light spot that is a Duke (RA12) marker. That would not be the end of Duke’s story.

 At 1000 I found Kea (RN46) & Cass (RG03) entering the water at the left flats on Rabbit Island. They would do and extended swim session , traveling as far as the caves, east of Rocky Right Beach.

 At 1051 I found what would remain an U/F at 3BS. She would enter the water and begin to play with Kea & Cass at 1157. At some point Cass would leave the session. I did not see her again today. At 1258 Kea & the U/F hauled out 80 ft right of 3BS. They would be joined by Duke (RA12) at 1310, and a 10 rounder commenced. Kea hung in there getting run over by the battling, but ultimately departed with a little motivation from Duke. I did not see Kea again today.

 At ColleenTxt at 0830 advised that she had gone to check on an animal that had been at Kaimana Beach last night. I had not been aware of that one. Colleen advised that all she found was wallow. 

Intern Sam Murphy checked in from the End of the World at 1147 advising that she had RIP RR70) & RW02, and 2 Unknowns. No further word.

 At 1200 Team Billand reported Nihoa (R912) in St. John’s Canal. She would later relocate to the Maipalaoa Canal. At 1421 the Billands reported Kimo Kai at Maili Guard Rails.

A DigaTxt at 1745 brought today’s Ua Malie & PO3 update.

 In the Yesterday’s News department Tammy T sent Ua &PO3 shots from her shift yesterday, an Thomas Sperandeo confirmed Right Spot (R016) at Sunset Beach last night.

 Duke, Kea and UF
 seal party ! 
duke at spitting cave
 Kolohe at Lanai Lookout 

Kimo Kai at Guard Rail
 Nihoa hanging out in another crappy canal
 Hey Nihoa... what the heck you thinking get out of this crappy water and head for the open ocean!

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madhatter said...

Wondering if NOAA should check on Nihoa since she has been in the different canals .
I would really hate to hear that she could have what Haupu had.