Monday, July 6, 2015

7/5/2015 DB's Dailies: Duke@SC&RI, Ua Malie,PO3,RI37&Ola@TB, RL42,RN36&RW02@KP

It would be Missus W who make the first find of the day. At 0831 Marilyn found an animal doing 11 minute dives sat Spitting Cave. A second call at 0912 confirmed the Duke (RA12) ID, by is right side light patch. On Melanie’s mid day search, he was no longer there, and all other spots were Monk Seal free.

 It was to be a Duke kinda’ day. Despite intern Sam and I holding down the fort at Makai Pier, there were nothing but winged critters on and above Rabbit Island. Finally, at 1403 Duke (RA12) hauled out to the far left end of the beach, and after a recon of the area, he would enter the water and do his cruiser male thing, lookin’ for chicks, working toward the right end of the island. At 1458 he would haul out at Seal Rock Inlet, and by 1508 enough sand had come off his belly to see his signature ventral, mid body CC scar.

 A Dana call at 0814 brought word of Ua Malie&PO3 at the birth beach, and Ola & RI37 a bit further down at the elbow. Thanks to Ken Tingman for today's Ua&PO3 fix.

 Dana forwarded shots from Adrienne Lally’s Ka’ena Point trip today. He shots show U’ilani (RN36) & RL42. An additional video shows what is said to be RW02, by his N62 bleach, but the video is inconclusive.

 duke at spitting cave
 Ua Malie
Ua Malie and wee PO3
 hold on kid
 what's going on here
 mom mom mom... mom i cant' get over this ridge

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