Monday, June 8, 2015

6/7/2015 Flashback Video of Baby Ka'ena and Momma Irma

Aloha good people:

We have a very special treat from an old friend who spent many of hours trekking to Ka'ena Point watching over baby Ka'ena.  Karen Harris is a former volunteer/posse and still remains a monk seal supporter.... Karen and I exchanged a couple of emails over the last couple of days about Irma's absence.... we all miss Irma.  Karen sent this amazing video of baby Ka'ena with Irma... to be honest it took all but a minute for the tears to flow.

Thank you Karen for sharing a part of your history with us... we all have our special memories and I know this one is yours.... and now... it's one of mine.


b said...

God bless you Karen Harris, this is such a beautiful slide show of Irma N3 and her boy, Kaena R040.

It took me a moment to just start crying like a baby watching this...JUST AWESOMELY done. Kaena is such a strong seal, MOM WAS A ROYAL HAWAIIAN MONK SEAL and taught her son, HOW TO SURVIVE a harsh life. SHE DONE GOOD.

You sent this to donna the right time...I needed to see have brought such joy to me at this moment...and yet SADNESS.

He is hooked, there are folks who think NOAA is WRONG. But judging the terrain of Kaena Pt. its too difficult for them to dehook him with all the rocks. I get it.

People walk the walk out there daily at times to monitor his health and so far, this tough pup from Irma, is doing ok. No infection YET. He is doing FINE.

I have seen other seals with large hooks toss the hook...many times. Its not easy to watch, but somehow after 49 days, the hooked seal DEHOOKS ITSELF. AMAZING.

And now we watch your baby from 2006, Kaena, live his life with this big ass hook. He can do it, dehook himself. HE CAN. Prayers to this big boy...KAENA.

I miss our talks, about the seals, you and US had a great friendship, a bond with our seals for life. And we will always worry about them and their survival. ITS WHAT WE DO....WORRY.

So thanks Miss Harris for this beautiful video of IRMA N3 and her son...Kaena R040. I am glad you are still keeping watch over your seals at Kaena can you NOT?

God bless you Miss Harris...THANK YOU!!!!!!!

madhatter said...

That was beautiful, I enjoyed watching this. This was prior to learning about Monk Seals. I learned about them is 2012.
I enjoyed the stories about Irma and Kermit. I still pray for them to come back safe and sound. I wish the best to Kaena
He has an awesome mom.

b said...


Kaena has tossed the hook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank heavens, HE IS FINE, just like you said in your slide show.

Hip Hip HOORAY and god bless KAENA R040, THAT SON FROM: IRMA N3!!!!!!!!!!