Monday, June 22, 2015

6/22/2015 DB's Dailies: Cass&La'akea@RI, Nihoa@Kapuni Stream, Kimo Kai@Waikomo's, RL42@Makua Cliffs, Ola&R5AY@TB, RI37@3Tables, 6-22-15, Y/N, R5AY @ TB

At 0712 on my 1st look at Rabbit Island I found what would prove to be (after 5 hours), La’akea (RK82). She finally showed me her N31 bleach and the shots even kinda’ / sorta’ came out.

 On my 2nd look at 0953 I found La’akea right where I’d left her earlier on the left flats, with Cass (RG06) just hauling out to join her. They remained there together most of the day, until La’akea entered the water at 1353, and then hauled out to Seal Rock Inlet, at 1410, allowing the ID.

 Team Billand reported Nihoa (R912) once again in Kapuni Stream , Waianae.

 At 1034 they found Kimo Kai (RT12) at Waikomo’s.

 At 1100 the Billands reported RL42 at Makua Cliffs.

 Diane Gabriel spent quality time with R5AY at the Elbow, TB. She and Karen Turner responded to a call for 3 Tables, and found and cordoned off, RI37.

 A Vicki HangaiTxt at 1630 advised that she was with Ola (RG03) at Turtle Bay.

 In the Yesterday’s News department, Diane T., had reported R5AY at the birth beach yesterday, at Turtle Bay. She found a woman standing over her, who when she realized she’d been caught in the act, ran to hide in the bushes. When signaled to get outta’ there, she did. (Duh ??? Fence.....what fence ????)

 Honey Girl 5AY ... with her beautiful new coat 
 RI37 in a protection zone
 R5AY yesterday's news turtle bay... lady hiding in the shrubs 
 oh you mean this is a fence? 
 Kimo Kai at Waikomos
 Nihoa oh... sweet sweet Nihoa  get out of this area.... this is so bad for you

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