Sunday, June 28, 2015

6/27/2015 Baby Pup Pictures ! Ua Maile and her Pup

Thank you to Diane G., Karen T., and Melanie C for submitting this set of photos.... Please please please be aware these photos are taken with a zoom lens... Ua Maile is a particularly skiddish seal, she doesn't like people (smart seal)....  The more people, noise, or distractions could result in spooking her and her leaving the pup behind.... Be respectful.... listen to the Monk Seal Foundation volunteers and follow their instructions.
Here's a picture of just part of the team that was hard at work today!
A very pregnant Ua Maile
Ua Maile and her baby!  
 looks like she's a good momma like her momma
 Mom and Pup swim session... according to Melanie the pup is a little water baby... mom got a little nervous and spent much of her time trying to get the kid back on the beach.
 this is a good momma and a very strong willed less than 24 hour old pup... hmmm quite like her mother!
 well earned dinner
 sweet dreams little pumpkin!

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madhatter said...

Love the pictures and sure looks like Ua Maile is smiling in some. Wow in the water swimming already and the one pic with the pup's
Head held high could it be that Benny is the daddy?