Thursday, June 25, 2015

6/25/2015 DB's Dailies: Cass,Kea&La'akea@RI,Kolohe@LL, RIP@Maili Pt, Kimo Kai@Waikomos, RIP@Maili Pt, Team Billand, 6-25-15, Y/N / Ola@TB, Erin Adams

On my first look at Rabbit Island at 0641 I found Cass partially hauled out to the left end rock flats, and Kea (RN46) right where I’d found him yesterday, 30 ft left of 2BS. He would enter the water at 0951, and he and Cass would enjoy a swim session off shore of the left end of the beach, and then haul out together for the day.

 At 0900 La’akea (RK82) would haul out to the left end rock flats and remain there all day.

 At 0657 I found Kolohe (RW22) at Buster Flats, on the east side of Lanai Lookout.

 At 0749 the Billands found RIP (RR70) at Maili Point.

 At 1121 they got a call from nephew,Ian, about an animal at Waikomo’s which would prove to be Kimo Kai (RT12)

 The Billands got a DanaTxt about an animal in the canal in Maili. They checked all the canals but found nothing.

 In the Yesterday’s News department Erin Adams sent shots of Ola (RG03), for those of you who missed their daily Ola fix, at Turtle Bay yesterday.

 La'akea, Cass and Kea
 GEESH.... he looks HUGE in this pic
 Kolohe what the heck you been eating boy?
 Ola Loa --- yesterday's news from Erin
 Rip at Maili Point

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