Wednesday, June 24, 2015

6/23/2015 DB's Dailies: Cass&La'akea@RI, BG&RIP@GR

On my 2nd Rabbit Island look at 0852, I found what would prove to be La’akea (RK82), once again out on the left end rock flats.

 I found Cass foraging in the waters below La’akea at 0910 and at 0920 she hauled out to join La’akea. Both remained there together the rest of the day.

 At 0702 Team Billand found a very chubby BG (R303) at Maili Guard Rails. She left a little spew & tapeworms behind, for those of you who haven't seen such a thing yet. It's quite common.

 The came back for a recheck at 0852 and found that BG was gone and RIP (RR70) was just hauling out. He was on the hunt for chicks, and moved on when he didn’t find BG.

 At 1049 the Billands advised that they had received a Hotline call, and a DanaTxt about a possible hooked animal at Keaau’s . Nobody at the location knew anything about anything. They checked beaches to both sides of Keaau’s but never found anything.

 Word was received through the Monk Seal Foundation Facebook site that RW30 has pupped on Molokai ! Congrats to Molokai Di !!! For those who may not be aware of the family tree, RW30, 2008 is the first know pup of M&M (R020). Sadly, M&M has not been seen since 9-12-14.

 La'akea and Cass
 BG at guard rails 
 EWWWWWWW !!!  spew and worms ewwwww
 rip at guard rails

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