Friday, February 7, 2014

Big Kudos for The Pupping Site Team

From what I gather something was taking place today at the golf course by Turtle Bay which is very close to the pupping site. A team of dedicated seasoned volunteers as well as some new folks where there to deal with moving the fence and dealing with crowd control. As always anytime people respond to the the call for help it is so appreciated.... but when it works well ... it goes beyond appreciated but a tremendous amount of pride. THANK YOU to each and everyone of you.  Below is an email that Dana sent to all the powers that be and in case you didn't read it here it is.

 Thank you Team and all the many people who went out today to take charge of what we feared would be a bad situation.

Bekki called with the heads up yesterday afternoon and everything went into response mode after that.  Right hand wonder woman, Lesley, and Super Man Don, were right on it all and managed the team from dawn o'clock onward.  I cannot thank you ALL enough for taking on this unexpected project.  Without the volunteers and the team leaders this would never have been conducted with such a smooth transition with crowds, fence erection, and positive outreach.  Mom & pup probably had no clue the angst and worries that were created by having Children's Miracle Network and 100 or so people so close to the pup site.  I can only hope that next year Children's Miracle Network has a wish for monk seals........

Thank you all for such a last minute, professionally conducted effort, in protecting R5AY and PO1 and doing such a wonderful job with outreach.
Mahalo nui loa,

Dana Jones
Oahu Response Coordinator
Monk Seal Foundation

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