Monday, February 24, 2014

2/23/2014 DB's Dailies:

Jack (at the Bay) called at 0731 to advise that fellow HB Ranger, Lincoln had called him with the report of an animal on the ledge, and one in the water at Toilet Bowl, Hanauma Bay. When we arrived at 0752 we found Kaiwi (RK96) snoozin’ on the ledge in yesterday’s location, and RK36 patrolling in the waters of the inlet. He would haul out to rejoin Kaiwi at 0811. This marked the first time I’d seen an animal scale the steep climb up onto the flats. All others hauling out to that location via flushing up out of the Toilet Bowl. They were both snoozin’ away the day when we departed.
At 1052 I found an U/U , mostly hidden behind the water front rocks of Seal Rock Inlet on Rabbit Island. At 1120 it moved totally out of my line of sight. I checked from the Makapuu Overview at 1244 and saw that the animal was visible from that location, but an ID was totally out of the question.
Both Melanie & Marilyn were out on the hunt today, did not find any additional critters.
I had one bad guy on Rabbit Island today from 1130 until 1145.A passing one-man paddler stopped to no doubt tell the guy the island was off limits, because after the chat he immediately returned to his kayak and departed. DOCARE met him at Makai Pier when he returned at 1206.
Cianna called at 0820 to advise that volunteer Tony had called on his way to R5AY&Meli duty to report RI37 and Right Spot (R016) at Turtle Bay. Vera Cober later called with the same report.
Cianna checked in again at 1123 with a report of an animal at the Beach Rd., end of Diamond Head. Dana called at 1218 to advise that volunteer Charles Lee had a found a female there, and it was a probable Rocky. The photo was inconclusive, but size would indicate Rocky.

At 1126 the Billands checked in after having combed the quadrant. They had responded to a call about an animal at KoOlina, but no one was there when they arrived. That was it so far from that end of the galaxy.

 Kaiwi at Toilet Bowl
 hauling out the hard way
 RK36 and Kaiwi

Enjoying the sunshine

 Rocky ??  
 RI37 at Turtle Bay
 Meli looking quite large... Mom must be getting pretty thin...
 Right Spot

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