Friday, February 21, 2014

2-20-2014 Team Billand

Haupu at windsock
 Kermit at Nimitz
 This series of photos are by far the cutest I have seen... We all love pup pictures and we've seen pups playing with sticks, coconuts, pufferfish.... but this is MM an adult female who has given birth having some playtime.  TOOOOOO cute!  Thank you MM for showing us a side of you we don't get to see.... and of course thank you to Team Billand for capturing this special moment.
 wonder if she was going to try and play with this surfer.
 okay enough playtime
 Rip at white plains
 Kekoa's tag not even 2 years old and looks worn
 Kekoa at Reef Runway.... He's growing up fast, made his way back from Rabbit Island


madhatter said...

Loved the pics of M M playing. Then she was like oh someone to go surfing with.

barbara said...

First I want to thank Andrea Evans and Diane T. for being out there for the critters while we were doing some business stuffs. Diane, thanks for running back and forth with Rip, M, Haupu and Kermit...they were all at separate locations and in areas that have to be monitored..especially after the vandals broke the poles the other night.

It was heaven to find Kekoa, alone and enjoying his peace on earth. He is big, handsome, and got no real markers to id him...YET.

Haupu is really growing on us..she is this cute, short chubby seal who goes all over the west liking Windsock. This is where we have seen dogs run off our seals, people love running off the seals in this little cove that is hidden from the street by shrubbery. Its actually a great spot for seals...and not. Lots of dogs, lots of people who fish, throw net and homeless in area. Haupu is a sweet kid, I think she has replaced the void of...not seeing...Makaiwi any more. Hey Makaiwi, where did you go next, Big Island? Miss you girl.

Now about M and M. Lately she is really playing with the bouys at Plains. Before she would just look around the bouy for food, now she got to actually pick it up, mouth the bouy, jump on it. Really fun to watch a large seal doing that...surfers were laughing, one stopped to watch her. M took one look at the surfer, turned her attention to him, FOLLOWED him close behind, as the guy took off. Then, Miss M came back slowly looking for her parking space and hauled right into shore..went to sleep. Later to be joined by...RIP.

Rip and M and M are an item..he looks for her all the time. But .. now and then he will switch females, go with Haupu. Rip really likes M and M best. And she kind of LIKES HIM TOO, flirts with him.

It was magic to see her and the a seal lion...that was a good show for all.

Kermit..after he got critter cam on Plains, he dont come back any more. After his critter cam removal at Nimitz, he dont go there either. Now his hang out is...Nimitz Pavilion and Windsock so far. It will take him a long time to go back to those areas..and I often think back when HE AND MISS IRMA were an item for years...God bless Miss Irma..Miss her, wish she would show up...again like before. We truly miss her..she was a Regal Female and a great .... Mother. Prayers Miss IRMA.

barbara said...

OOPPS, I forgot to say A BIG THANKS TO OUR MAKAHA WARRIOR, MISS DEBBIE. She always has a huge job out at Makaha Beach with hundreds of people who dont always respect the seals that haul out. But Our WARRIOR, Miss Debbie, stays out there all alone, to face the many problems with seals, for HOURS in the hot sun...looking after BENNY and POHAKU...all the time. I wish we could get her back up so she dont got to stay so long. SHE STANDS UP FOR MONK SEALS...Cheers Debbie, you are soooooo appreciated.

And lately, Miss pohaku goes there...ah, poor kid, she keeps going to beaches that are so tuff to keep a seal...PROTECTED. BUT..we got to keep trying..she is worth saving, protecting and we made a promise to her in 2009, WE WILL KEEP HER SAFE AS LONG AS WE LIVE.