Monday, February 3, 2014

2-2-2014 DBs Dailies:

It would be 1002 before I finally found Aukai (RL12) aon the water front rocks of Rocky Right Beach, on Rabbit Island.
On a pan at 1023 I found a newly arrived Buster (RV08) at the far left end of the beach on RI. His molt remains at 80%.
On a pan at 1125 I found that Kolohe (RW22) had hauled out to join Aukai. All would remain the rest of the day.
For the 3rd consecutive day I had Bad Guys on RI. This time two separate groups. When I called DOCARE dispatch for the first group I got the much dreaded recording saying that the office was closed. Apparently Super Bowl Sunday is now yet another DOCARE holiday. As it happens I got a call from the DOCARE Officer I worked with yesterday, at the same time that the 2nd group, a family, was on the island. He was working and was surprised to find that there was no dispatch on duty today. He managed to get this group cited.
Melanie, Gayle & I covered the SE quadrant thoroughly and have nothing but mileage to show for it.
At 0900 Team Billand reported Kermit (R012) at Wind Sock. He departed at 1830.
At 1000 Ocean Safety called with the report of an U/U at 2E, Waikiki. Thank you to Todd and Karen that I know of, and anyone else that served on the front lines today. Dana would advise that it was Makaiwi (R4DF) at 1138. Thanks Karen for the shots.
At 1003 Ocean Safety called again with the report of an U/U in the trough at Magic Island. Posse member Christian Young came through with the Rocky (RH58) ID at 1225.
Cianna called at 1025 with the report of an U/U at Haleiwa. There were apparently loose dog problems at that location. Cops were called. Dana confirmed the RI37 ID at 1415. Thanks to Paul for the shots.
The Billands called at 1134 with a report from Eileen, of Ewa Girl (RS00) at the Reef Runway.
At 1556 the Billands reported RK36 a Maili Point.
At 1655 they reported Benny (RE74) at Tower #2, White Plains. Lifeguards said he arrived at 1445.

Thank you to Brandi Apana for the R5AY&Meli, plus La’akea at Turtle Bay today.

Bad Guys back on Rabbit Island.... Seems odd so many people are showing up in such a short period of time... oh and HUGE MAHALO for the DOCARE officier who responded
 Maka'iwi at Wakiki.... say WHAT? 
 This girl is heading east wonder if she's going to head off to Hawaii....
 5AY and her Baby Girl and La'akea 
 oops little Meli on the go
 Rocky at Magic Island
Buster at Blowhole
Benny at white plains
Kermit at Windsock 
 RI37 in Haleiwa
 RK36 at Maili

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