Tuesday, February 4, 2014

LAST Week's NEWs

ALoha good people...
I missed posting a couple of messages from Lesley last week.... I know I had some technical difficulties in one case... and I think the other just comes; down to being a little burnt/crispy out.

Soo here's some information from last week from Lesley:

Got a call from Trish when I was still @ TBR reporting a seal hauled out on Crozier. 
Just found RI37 "Bessie" sleeping peacefully.
No one on the beach

Don Porter and I did the Ka'ena Pt monitoring today.
Just after we passed Hidden Beach a rain storm caught us and soaked us to the bone. It stopped and we carried on.

We met Ken on his way out having been skunked at the point, that also didn't turns us down.
At the point we sat on the big rocks to enjoy the show the whales were proportioning. A movement to my left caught my eye, I turned to look at the "new" beach access (an opening created after the several winter storms between Main Beach & Back Beach) and there was RL42 hauling out. She galumphed her way up the beach, settled down and went into a deep sleep mode.

Just then we saw a head coming up the entrance of the Main Pool - RW02 "KPV - Kauai Permanent Visitor" made his way to the center reef island and went to sleep.
We walked around the point before leaving to see the albatross. The team  that has been there all week documenting the Albatross habitat were still working.
We slip & slide our way back to the Mokuleia parking lot and said goodbye. I went on a little further to check Birth Beach and there beside her favorite rock RN58 "Luana" was snoozing away. I called Don, he hadn't left yet so he drove by to see her.
Spoke to Trish (Crozier Rd volunteer) on my way out, she said the beach was seal free today.
Some of the calls today:
- Paul (KSK) reporting that one of the guides was out at the Mokes (surfing ?) and saw a seal swimming around, no ID was made and the seal didn't haul out. There were no "tours" to the Mokes today.
- Another was of a seal hauling out at Paradise Cove. V/C Dana was informed - I did not get a feedback on ID
- In the late afternoon several calls reporting a seal hauled out @ Makaha SurfSide.  V/C Dana was informed and volunteer Debbie responded - at this time no ID has been confirmed
Little Luana

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Lesley said...

No worries we all go thru those issues.
nt. The photos tagged (of RN58 "Luana" & RW02 "KPV - Kauai permanent Visitor" on this report are from 2 weeks ago and not the ones sent in with last weeks report.
The monitoring results of last week were:

- Wednesday: @ TBR with R5AY & "Meli" D19 + RK82 "La'akea"

- Thursday: @ TBR TBR with R5AY & "Meli" D20, @ Waialua with RI37 "Bessie", @ KPt with RL42 & RW02 "KPV Kauai Permanent Visitor"

- Saturday KPt with Don Porter: @ KPt with RL42 & RW02 "KPV Kauai Permanent Visitor", @ Birth Beach/Mokuleia with RN58 "Luana"

Yesterday I did the last shift with R5AY & "Meli" D24 - it was a VERY wet one. A nursing seesion had just ended as we arrived. Around 4:00PM "Meli" started vocalizing and nipping mom. R5AY reacted once giving the little one a bite on her hind, that quieted her down, mom then presented and a long nursing session started.

We can start fresh when new reports are sent in.
Aloha, L.