Sunday, February 9, 2014

2-9-2014 Team Billand

Benny RE74...Maili pt    1:21pm on rocks, alone. Was still there on our late check at 5:45pm.

Kermit  Nimitz Cove on reef at 11:21am.....he was still out there at 4:15pm check. BUT...there were guys fishing and drinking at Nimitz. They admitted they barked at the seal as it barked at THEM.  We told them, the camera is filming everything front of seal, they may have filmed them. They also wanted to FEED THE SEAL. We advised them...NO. I would love to see the footage of that.... LOL
 M and M R020...Plains, Tower 1,  2:42pm.  She was mobbed by the hundreds of folks on shore as she hauled in. Our special Lifeguards ran with signs and ropes to Tower 1.  They put all 10 signs out, we put the ropes.  And a volunteer was out there basking when they saw the huge crowd...went over to help. 

  Rip....joined M and M at 5:17pm in the same zone.

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