Thursday, February 20, 2014

2-19-2014 DB's Dailies: Kainoa,Aukai&Buster@RI, RK36@SC&TBL, Kea@TBL, Rocky@KK, M&M,RIP@WP, Haupu&Ewa Girl@WSK, Kermit@NIM

On my first look at Rabbit Island, at 0732 I found Kainoa RN04) at Left Greenery, and Aukai (RL12) at Seal Rock Inlet, on Rabbit Island.
At 0816 I found RK36 doing 7 minute dives at Spitting Cave.
When I got back to Makai Pier I found Buster (RV08) hauling out, 50 ft left of 2BS at 1021.
At 1148 I got down to Toilet Bowl and to my wonderment I found Kea (RN46) and 100 ft away, RK236. This is Kea’s first documented sighting at TBL. RK36 was here on 1-25-14. I hadn’t seen Kea since our brief encounter,on 2-5-14, while he was foraging at the Kokee Flats. Needless to say I was one happy , short , fat ,bald guy to see him again.
At 1324 posse member Linda called to report an animal at Irma’s Grotto, Kokee Flats. When I arrived at 1342 I confirmed the Rocky (RH58) ID.
Team Billand reported M&M (R020) at Tower#1, White Plains at 0730.
At 1052 they advised that volunteer Jean had reported the arrival of RIP (RR70) to join M&M at Tower#1.
At 1210 the Billands advised of a report of an animal at Wind Sock. Jean was going to check and reported Haupu (RB24) at WSK.
At 1422 Team Billand reported the arrival of Kermit (R012) at the #1813 pavilion at Nimitz Cottages. He would depart at 1648.

Also at 1422 the advised that Ewa Girl (RS00) was at Wind Sock. She had apparently arrived at approximately 1230. The Billands advised that both Haupu & Ewa Girl had departed WSK at 1614. Tooooo many people and toooo many dogs.

 Kea at Toilet Bowl (they grow up so fast) 
 no mistaking this little boy for someone else
 RK36 at Spitting Cave
RK36 and Kea at TB
 Rocky at Kokee Flats
 Ewa Girl and Haupu at Windsock
 Big Momma Ewa Girl
 Kermit at Nimitz
 Kermit looking handsome.... too bad he couldn't do a selfie when he had the camera on him
 MM at white plains


madhatter said...
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barbara said...

Our thanks to Jean Jasina and Angel c. for all their help with the seals that came a shore.

If there should be anyone else that helped, Thanks.

The seals keep coming...they love white plains..,.just like alllll the humans. Its nice, humans and critters can get along and respect each

Haupu has found a new place to chill out..windsock. And Miss Ewa Girl taught her all about it, cute to see an older female with a young her where else she can bask. Haupu left plains after RIP got her good ...

Again, thanks guys for the help.