Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2-18-2014 Team Billand

Benny at Makaha with surfer girl on looker
 Ewa Girl and Kermit at Windsock
 Ewa Girl
 Kerby another son of Ewa Girl who will be 6 this April
 MM and Rip at white plains
 Pohaku at Makaha

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barbara said...

Yesterday, there were three animals at Plains, Haupu with Rip, then M and M joined in the fun in the water. Folks were in the water with the 3 seals..tsk,tsk.

Then at Windsock, Kermit was in heaven with .... the lovely Ewa Girl who is one fat Mama. And they remained together after our last check at 6pm.

Out at Makaha two seals in separate locations with lots of people near them. Pohaku was near the Kaena end alone...Benny was in the middle beach with folks at him, enjoying his barking, leaping at them. Oh how fun to play with our critically endangered Monks. Shame on them.

Thanks Deb for being out there with the crowd. Awesome ID as well.

And then, on our way back to plains, there was Kerby on the rocks at Maili..with waves washing him over. Hadnt seen him in a while and it took a bit of ... thinking who he was.

Thanks to Angel and Karen, a beach goer Lucy for the help with the critters...all is appreciated.

So the new day begins, here we go...again.