Thursday, February 6, 2014

2-6-2014 Lesley's Update from Pupping Site

This morning a fence-task & event-crowd-control team was out bright and early at TBR. Becky, Genevieve, Joy, Don, Jeannie and I re-fenced the pup site. Every now and then we had to stop to do some outreach with the visitors of the event happening on the golf course.

We also had to wait for R5AY & "Meli" (D27) to move towards the water line to finish the fence on the Kahuku side.

Michelle did the 1st shift followed by Karen R.

Around 11:00 AM event and fencing were over and done.
R5AY is loosing weight fast and "Meli" is already turning reddish.
I took Becky, Genevieve and Don out to show them 2nd Beach -there we found RK82 "La'akea" hauled out on mid beach sleeping peacefully.
Thank you to all involved today - it was once again a great team work. To the new volunteers: this is only the start. 
Aloha, Lesley 

Meli and Momma 
 this kid is getting chubby
 sister La'akea 

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