Friday, December 9, 2016

12/9/2016 DB's Dailies: Kolohe&JM@Rabbit Island, Benny@Secrets, Kerby@30Min, Ka'ena,R3CU&Squinty@Ka'ena Point, Kaiwi@Makalei B

It was a quiet, dreary, gloomy day on Rabbit Island. A perfect Monk Seal day. Perfect that is until 0902. I had arrived at Makai Pier at 0800 and found what would prove to be Kolohe (RW22), 30 ft right of 1BS, and the same ol’ J/M Unknown hiding in the grass behind Seal Rock Inlet on Rabbit Island. 

At 0902 I spied a lone female just landing on Rabbit Island complete with snorkeling gear. She would prove to be in the company of 2 male, spear fishermen, who never posed a problem, remaining in the water. The female proceed to explore all the way to the left end of the island, and in the process passing in front of Kolohe snoozin’ in the Morning Glory, right of 1BS.
 Her first two passes in front of him drew no response at all, however on her 3rd trip Kolohe became aware of her and alerted to her presence. On her 4th pass he’d had enough and he barked and began hurriedly galumphing to the sea, scaring the crap out of the girl, who a girl ! Kolohe would enter the water, and haul out again to the rubble cove at the right end of the island at 1020. A commercial fishing boat stopped off shore. I know the owner well. He no doubt told her to get the “heck” off the island, which she then did, rejoining her 2 friends. I , of course, made the DOCARE call, however there was no DOCARE response.

 Team Billand called at 0611 with the report of Benny (RE74) at Secrets. He would depart at 0740.

 At 1245 Barbara found Kerby (RW08) at the 30Min mark on the west side KP trail.

 At Ka’ena Point she reported Ka’ena (RO40),R3CU & Squinty (R330) at 1353.

 A Colleen text at 1721 brought word that she had Kaiwi (RK96)at Makalei Beach Park.

 Kolohe and intruder... 
 Meeting of the minds
 EXCELLENT !  great shot Barb!

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