Friday, December 2, 2016

12/2/2016 DB's Dailies: Aukai,Kawena&Kolohe@Rabbit Island, RL42,Lei Ola&Kerby@20Min, Ka'ena,RW02,R3CU&Squinty@Ka'ena Point

At 0835 I found a female at 1BS on Rabbit Island. I gleaned information through the day, and when I got home to check my findings against my photo database I decided that I’d spent the day with Aukai (RL12). She had last been seen at CIP by Team Billand on 11-22-16. ID was based on her right shoulder pit scar and a scar on her forehead.

 Also at 0835 I found Kolohe (RW22) 80 ft right of 3BS. He has finally begun his molt. I saw 3 separate breaks on his chest and throat.

 On a pan a 0850 I found a newly arrived Kawena (RH36) at Seal Rock Inlet on RI.

 At 0955 Barbara reported RL42 & Lei Ola (RH48) at the 20Min mark on the KP trail. On her way back from Ka’ena Point, at 1403 she reported that Kerby (RW08) had joined RL42, and that Lei Ola was no longer there.

 At 1127 Barbara reported Ka’ena (RO40) and RW02 at Ka’ena Point. There were 2 others there which she would ID at 1207 as R3CU & Squinty (R330).

 Kolohe and Kawena 
Lei Ola
 Lei Ola

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b said...

The picture number 13 is not Lei Ola, its just R3CU snoozing on his side and then in the water, showing his natural bleach and a cookie cutter scar.

Ta Ta.............