Saturday, December 3, 2016

12/3/2016 In Addition: Lesley's Ka'ena Point Monitoring

I started the hike to the point very late today and went solo.
At 10:30 I found 2 seals @ the 10 minutes Beach (Mokuleia).
R303 “BG” was a quick ID by her size, sex and scars.
The other seal drove me crazy. I even though it could be “Holokai” due to his size beside “BG”. Pictures showed me an “O” – I stood around for 2 & ½ hours and left to the point with a doubt: “could it be RW08 “Kerby” or RO40 “Ka’ena”?
He wasn’t giving me any scars or marks, his fur was all messed up and he looked so small beside “BG” and very skinny
Short story on my way back, the light was on my side and the seal was on his belly ID was confirmed RO40 “Ka’ena”
Hard to believe nearly 9 to 10 years seeing him at least once a week and he made me spend so much time to ID him !!!
Out at the point I found R3CU on the rock island in the MainPool and R330 “Squinty” on the shore line of the pool. I also took me a little while to ID him due to his position. He’s full of dings, scratches and scars but his little NB on hind flipper gave him away. Till I got to see him open his eyes and see the white left one.
The point looks like a popcorn field Albatrosses everywhere. On the way out there was 1 female with 4 males courting her (a bird expert told the 1 to 4 part).
Whales blowing everywhere. What a treat!

I made it back home just as light was fading.
Thank you Lesley !!!
 RO40 & R303
 Ka'ena if he were Italian this would take on a whole new meaning :-)

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