Tuesday, December 27, 2016

12/27/2016 DB's Dailies: Kolohe,RIP, Kainoa&3 Unk males, Kawena@Rabbit Island, Nani@Moku Nui, Right Spot@MCBH, Buster@Makalei BP, RW02&Squinty@Ka'ena Pt, Lei Ola&RL42@Makua Cliffs

When I arrived at Makai Pier this morning at 0800 my initial finding was a group of 4 up in the tall grass, 80 ft right of 3BS. They would prove to be Kolohe (RW22), RIP (RR70), Kainoa (RN04), and a J/M that I was not able to ID. At 0848 another probable A/M would haul out of Seal Rock Inlet and join the gang.

 At 1038 on a pan I found would find yet another probable A/M , Unknown at the far left end of the beach.

 At 1118 on pan I found that little Kawena (RH36) had hauled out fronting 1BS. She managed to avoid all that testosterone today.

 The gang of 4 down at the right end of the beach would all enter the water together at 1105. RIP wanted nothing to do with any of that and remained behind. All 4 would haul out again to the same location over several minutes, right of the 3BS, beginning at 1303.

 As an interesting side note to the 4 swimmers, as I was leaving the pier this afternoon, on of my fishermen posse advised that a group of 4 animals had swum into the area from the west, swimming under the pier headed east.

 Team Billand checked in at 0649 this morning with the report of Benny (RE74) at Paradise Cove. 

Anissa sent photos of her time with a 5% molted Right Spot at MCBH.

 The Donna forwarded shots from Moku Nui today, of what turned out to be Nani (RK60).

 Barbara found RW02 & Squinty (R330) at Ka’ena Point. She also advised DLNR that the west side gate was broken.

 On the way home Team Billand found Lei Ola (RH48) & RL42 together at Makua Cliffs, at 1430. 

Karen Rohter sent shot from Buster’s (RV08) stay at Makalei Beach Park today

Kolohe, Kainoa and 2JM
Rip, Kainoa, Kolohe and 2JM
Kainoa, 2JM and Kolohe
 Right Spot
 Lei Ola and RL42
RW02 and Fans
 Squinty and RW02
 Ka'ena Point West Gate broken

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