Wednesday, December 14, 2016

12/14/2016 DB's Dailies: (cont) Team Billand

 Ko'Olina Moon
 Nimitz Sunrise
 Whales are here

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b said...

We also found Kaale and Benny...It was pure JOY TO SEE KAALE again after a long two weeks of not finding the little guy.

And it was a relief to find the benny too, as he was gone from Secrets after a seven day rest there. We were upset he was gone...what happened???? He was consistent for seven days, then all of a sudden, he left?????

There were lots of whales, lots of them through out our hike, there were dolphins, one eagle ray, boobie birds diving for fish, THE ALBATROSS is always heaven to me, such Large, Beautiful birds with those interesting eyes.

The weather was perfect yesterday, such a chill in the air, sun shining but not so harsh, GREAT.

What is life without a monk seal to observe? Arent we all lucky to have them on earth???? Happy Kerby was at kaena Pt and not being harassed yesterday...Yeeha!!!

And the poor dead humpback remains out there, on the rocks...rotting away, hardly anything left. Poor thing...never heard if it was a male or female..I say a prayer for it daily as I pass it.

Ah nature...she is amazing if you just respect her, learn from her. AMEN.