Tuesday, February 2, 2016

2/2/2016 DB's Dailies: RK36, Kimo Kai & J/F Unknown @ RI, Benny@Aki's Beach, Pohaku@Campbell Industrial Park, RIP&Kekoa@Maili Point

At 0736 I found what would prove to be RK36, 30 ft left of 2BS. ID was based on the scar behind his right fore flipper, his dorsal CC scar, his notched left hind flipper, and his lone right hind flipper, red tag

 At 1149 on a pan I found what would turn out to be the very green, juvenile female, that has been showing up at Rabbit Island for some time now. I am still unable to her.

 To my surprise Kimo Kai (RT12) showed up, hauling out to join RK36 at 1215. Obviously his Ka’ena Point adventure has ended. Thankfully, his N13 left side bleach, was immediately visible. They would both enter the water at 1217 and initially played in the shore break but then settle down to forage, well off shore.

 At 0716 Team Billand reported an overnighted Benny (RE74) at Aki’s Beach Makaha.

 At 0923 they found Pohaku (RO28) foraging off shore of Germaine’s Luau Grounds, CIP.

 At 1442 the Billands found Kekoa (RK72) & RIP (RR70) together at Maili Point.

 little greeny
 Kimo Kai and RK36
 How cool is it that kimo kai was at Ka'ena poing'

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