Sunday, February 28, 2016

2/28/2016 DB's Dailies: Kolohe,Buster,RG32,Greenie,J/U@Rabbit Island,Kaiwi@Spitting Cave&China Walls, Kimo Kai@Maili Guard Rails, Kekoa@Maili Point, Rocky@Iroquois Point, Nihoa@L#2, KoOlina, R8HY@Mokuleia

At 0730 I found Kolohe (RW22) in the Morning Glory, left of 1BS, and Buster (RV08), 80 ft right of 3BS, on Rabbit Island.

 Initially , I thought I had two small animals below cut at the left end, but as the vog cleared and light offered a better view it would prove to be 2 Mylar Balloons.

 It was apparent from the trail that Kolohe had galumphed up to his location from a starting point 50 ft right of 1BS. I was looking forward to seeing how he would deal with getting back down to the beach. When he began he headed straight for the cut, but after peering over the edge, opted for going down the same way he had gotten up. He would enter the water at 1015 and haul out again to join Buster for the day at 1023. They would remain the rest of the day.

 As Kolohe was entering the water I happened to look up, amongst the high grass, and lo & behold there was a barely visible animal up there. When he later moved down it would prove to be RG32. He would enter the water at 1032, and haul out again to the right end of the Middle Cliff at 1049, where he remained the rest of the day.

 On a pan at 1140 I found “Greenie”, the U/F, with 2 red tags (Cass ???) Just hauling out 60 ft right of 3BS. She would galumph down to join Kolohe & Buster for the day.

 On a pan at 1300 I found a partially visible animal just hauling out to Seal Rock Inlet. It would remain partially visible the rest of the day. On a flipper flex I saw 2 red tags, and I also noted a pit scar at the LFF joint. In all probability this was Kainoa, but never having seen a sex, I just did want to take a chance on an ID. Maybe tomorrow ????

 At 0818 Marilyn called with the report of Kaiwi (RK96) doing 11-12 minute dives at Spitting Cave. ID was by her NB on her head, as well as her left side N96 bleach.

 A Dana Jones call at 1135 brought word of an animal at China Walls. Melanie confirmed the Kaiwi ID at 1216.

 At 0921 Team Billand reported Kimo Kai (T12) at Maili Guard Rails. He was gone on the 1600 recheck.

 The Billands advised that Dana had called with the report of an animal at Iroquois Point, and that volunteer Ralph had reported a foraging animal off shore of L#2 KoOlina, at 1313.

 The Billands responded to IRQ and found Rocky (RH58), with a beach goer and set up, 10 ft away. They spoke with him and he wasn’t going to move..period. He advised that Rocky had been there since 0900 this morning.

At 1332 Team Billand found Kekoa (RK72) at Maili Point.

 At 1713 Lesley called to advise that she had found Kauai new guy, R8HY, once again at the Birth Beach, Mokuleia. She had called this morning after a check at 0711, and no one was there.

 The Billands advised that a Dana call at 1752 brought word of an animal hauling out to Lagoon#2, KoOlina. Volunteer Warren sent a shot of Nihoa.

Kolohe and Buster 
  Greenie Kolohe and Buster
 Juvenile Unknown 
Kaiwi at china walls
 she's looking MIGHTY large Marge
 Kaiwi at spitting cave
 Kimo Kai

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