Saturday, February 20, 2016

2/19/2016 Ka'ena Point from Jason O'Rourke

This poor little guy has a fresh cookie cutter shark bite to his adorable little face... OUCH!
Well once this heals up he'll be pretty easy to ID.... apparently this young'en doesn't have any tags so who knows where he came from.
 no bling here
 this is my good side
 no worries little one it will heal up soon enough


Madhatter in Ohio said...

Wondering how this little one doesn't have any tags, can this be hope that some monk seals have found such a private place and wasn't observed being born? A place where they are not bothered. It appears to look fairly young, any ideas anyone.

Anonymous said...

Hi MH, Most of the un tagged Seals are from Nihoa or Niihau where NOAA is not allowed to go and Tag seals Per the Robinson Family Requests (they think the tags attrack Sharks) and he probably got the CC bite during his crossing. Look closely at the photos and you will see this LIL Guy had a tough life, he has marks and scars all over him even his tail flippers. Glad to see then traveling around Too. The bite although looks very nasty didn't seem to be bothering him he remained at Sunset looking happy.

Anonymous said...

Jason's email arrived to late for an old dude, so I didn't see it until this morning. It appears that he spent time with a possible new guy in town. My guess is that this is an untagged male with an obvious, healing CC wound to the left side of the face, a scar below the penis, and a light discoloration, and scar on the posterior right side. Since he is untagged, and with the CC wound, it is probable that he was not seen at birth, and has traveled inter-island. Marilyn is going out today so maybe we will be able to add new info to Jason's find. DB

Jason O'Rourke said...

DB, it was late for this old guy too... long day, but wanted to be sure I wrote up what I found with this little guy, and passed the photos along. I think I was in bed 15 minutes after I hit send, but I'd have been in bed well earlier if I wasn't going through these images.

Donna said...

NOT too late for this old lady.... to post. Although, I really should have been getting some much needed rest.


Madhatter in Ohio said...

I still have hope that the missing Oahu seals are at Nihoa or Niihau. Like Irma and Kermit but I know Kermit was up there in age.
Also Maka Iwi, M&M, Eva Girl. I thought I read at one time that NOAA was given permission to put cameras up around Niihau.