Tuesday, February 16, 2016

2/15/2016 DB's Dailies:RG32,Kea,Kainoa&U/F@RI, Pohaku@CIP, Benny@KoOlina, Kimo Kai,Kolohe,Kekoa&RK36@Maili Point, Nihoa@Haleiwa, 2-15-16, Y/N Nihoa@Chun's Reef,

On my first look at Rabbit Island I found what I believe to be yesterday’s U/F tucked up against the log. Unfortunately, she is also today’s U/F .

 When I got back at 0800 I found what would prove to be RG32 snoozin’ in the Morning Glory, fronting 3BS.

 At 0916 Kainoa would haul out fronting 3BS, and began moving up. RG32 moved down to meet him half way. They had a lengthy play session on the beach, but the arrival of Kea (RN46) at 0942 made it a threesome. Even with two big bodies to contend with RG32 held his own, and was, in fact, the aggressor much of the time. They would all enter the water to continue the play session, and all hauled out to snooze away the rest of the day at 1012.

 At 0701 Team Billand found Pohaku (RO28) foraging at Campbell Industrial Park.

 At 0738 they advised that they were responding to a call about an animal at Lagoon#3, KoOlina.  At 0757 they confirmed the Benny (RE74) ID.

 At 1003 the Billands reported at Kimo Kai (RT12), Kolohe (RW22) & Kekoa (RK72 amongst the rocks at Maili Point. At 1043 they spied a #4 seal off shore, and at 1433 he hauled out to the other three. It was RK36 !

 Dana forwarded shots from Robin Dazzeo, of an animal behind the Haleiwa Sands Condo at 1445. It appears to be a fat & happy Nihoa (R912). Since she was just a few flipper flaps away at Chun’s yesterday, chances are good. The head scar made it a no brainer.

 Speaking of Nihoa, in the Yesterday’s news department, Dana forwarded Matt Chauvin’s excellent shots from Chun’s Reef yesterday, showing a guaranteed Nihoa (R912).

 RG32 & Kainoa 
 C seal
 RG32, Kainoa and Kea
Yesterday's photos of Nihoa hanging out with the Honu
Nihoa today visiting Haleiwa

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