Sunday, February 21, 2016

2/20/2016 More from Ka'ena Point Secret Beach

Thank you to Amy  for sharing these photos from Ka'ena Point... Well we know the seal with the stripe is RW02 with his new designer bleach mark... as far as the other young'en not sure. (fyi: did not receive the video)

The pics and videos following this email happened today at Kaena Point at Secret Beach. There was initially a volunteer there that explained one of the seals had been vaccinated but he left and I'm not sure if he saw all of this action! I had never seen monk seals interact like this but it seemed so friendly and playful!

Amy Hart

 that's all folks

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Anonymous said...

Nice "warm,fuzzy" shots of the interaction. Can't really say for certain, but I've got a cat on Luana, based on the female belly, 2 tags and some minor little scars on the belly. She was seen at KP the day before and is at Hidden Beach a lot. DB