Saturday, January 30, 2016

DB's Dailies (cont) U'ilani Brought Back to the Sea

I was lucky enough to have the time today to participate in this special ceremony.... What made this gathering quite special was a number of people who had never met before were all there to scatter their loved ones into the ocean....  
I am honored to have spent this special moment in time with all of them.... It is always good to see fellow volunteers and I never pass up a chance to share a hug.  
Thank you to all of you for your time, love and support.

U'ilani's ashes
 today's paddle out included other peoples' loved ones...
 Barb sitting ready to go
 and we're off...

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b said...

Many thanks to the NEW HOPE CANOE CLUB who took all of us out to the area U ilani once roamed and foraged.

I was terrified about going out on a canoe, but when coach and the others talked about the journey, I had a calm come over me. I was no longer afraid.

We had the ashes of a seal named U ilani who we watched once a week for two years with security. There were also ashes of a loved fishermen, KEITH, and a beloved RESCUE DOG named Charlie. I thought to myself, a man, a seal and a dog also have to coexist in the sea. COOL.

We had the honor of spreading the ashes with Dana, Donna, Jessica, Colleen, and all the members of the New Hope Canoe Club. They did the chants, sang some songs and then: the ashes were spread at sea. We talked about how U ilani would come around the area to forage, and once saw her eating a hammer head shark. How Rufus the dog would bark when she came around.

Flowers were tossed into the sea, rose petals, turberoses that smelled so was chicken skin moment.

I thought of how we watched her nurse with her mom Ewa Girl, played with her brother in the water and then race to shore to rest, she always WON. She was a fiesty female, that ran off Makaiwi as she tried to haul up on shore with her.

U ilani was a beautiful female of just Two when she passed away of Toxo, TRAGIC.

We never see her mother anymore for two years now...god bless that ROYAL FEMALE from Midway, who gave us beautiful pups.

Again, thanks to New Hope Canoe was a beautiful memorial to all.

To U ilani, we will miss seeing you..but will NEVER forget you or your lovely spirit. Flipper you are FREE.

And oh, it was a joy to meet Eileen Ramos, security that since retired from the REEF. SHe named U ilani...God bless.