Thursday, January 7, 2016

1/6/2016 Holokai @ Turtle Bay

Another blog lady brain drain..... loaded all of this last evening and never pushed the publish button so once again a little late with the photos.... Geesh I am losing my touch.... sorry folks.... sorry Diane.

After a long day of looking I finally found a seal. At 1630, Holokai hauled out at the Keiki Pool. I could see him coming from the hotel side. He swam into the pool and headed for his normal haul out area on the east side. Then he turned around and swam to the west side and checked out some ladies that were sitting quietly on the big log and then swam back to the east side and hauled out. He seemed very alert to any movement or sound. 

I did not see any sign of the weird object that was reported on his back on 12/31. I could not see any sign of a wound or slice on his back in any of my photos. He does have a lot of dings if you look closely at the photos but I guess that's just from being bumped around.

 looking good


Anonymous said...
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Donna said...

Aloha Bobbi !

Sorry for blocking your comment.... I will say this, the story you are referring to happened a while ago and the seal is fine. I don't want to comment nor really invite any conversation regarding this situation as it appears to have taken on a new turn.... since it's an ongoing investigation or case I don't want this blog, any of it's contents or people to be a part of... If you would like to email me I will be happy to address any of your concerns.... Again sorry for the block, I don't normally to this but unfortunately this subject has the potential of getting out of hand. Mahalo for understanding.