Saturday, January 9, 2016

1/9/2016 DB's Dailies: RM38 @Rabbit Island, Benny@White Plains, Aukai&Ka'ena@Ka'ena Point, Kekoa & RIP@Maili Point,

RM38 was the only flippered resident of Rabbit Island today. I kept hoping that Buster was hiding in his usual spot, but at end of day it was apparent that he was not there today. Ordinarily I’d be bummed by the lack of players, but with 2 DOCARE Incidents, involving the same 2 bad guys, I was glad that RM38 had already departed, before the guys arrived. On the first incident, at 1033 only one of the guys was on the island. When they returned at 1332 both decided to explore. Docare Officer Ken, responded but I’m not sure if he got the guys or not at this writing. It involved his waiting for them in the Kailua/Lanikai area, for their arrival. He had to respond to another call at the Kailua Boat Ramp, so he may not have made it.
(unfortunate boating accident left one diver dead and one with injuries... through some of the conversation of this incident I did hear there was a seal on the Mokes today.... no pictures but it was said there were "several people drinking from red cups harassing an adult monk seal on the mokes" ...  one has nothing to do with the other.... just some of the chatter at the store today. )

 Marilyn was flying solo on the End of the World trek today. She found Aukai (RL12) on the Back Beach, and Ka’ena (RO40) at Ka’ena’s Pool, at Ka’ena Point.

 At 0611 Team Billand found Benny (RE74) high up on the beach at White Plains. He probably arrived last night. Benny would depart at 0827.

 At 1123 the Billands found Kekoa (RK72) alone at Maili Point.

 At 1448 on a 2nd Kekoa check they found RIP (RR70) hauling out, and Kekoa being washed off the rocks by big waves. Kekoa would haul out again, and after words with RIP, both settled down for the afternoon.

DOCARE incident
 not suppose to be there boys! 
Aukai at Ka'ena Point
 Ka'ena  hanging out 

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