Tuesday, January 19, 2016

1/19/2016 DB's Dailies: Buster&Bad Guys@Rabbit Island, U/F@Turtle Bay, Pohaku@LahiLahi, U/U@Magic Island, Right Spot at Bath Tub, Laie, Nani@Moku Nui, U/U@MCBH

At 0721 I found what would prove to be Buster (RV08) snoozin’ at the log, 40 ft left of 1BS on Rabbit Island. He would later move down to cool off. He would depart at 1146.

 His departure had everything to do with unwelcome visitors to Rabbit Island. There were actually two separate DOCARE Incidents, occurring at the same time. There was a lone surfer who decided to snooze a couple of hours, and the other was two tourist guys who saw the surfer so decided that it was okay to land, despite the giant blue signs to the contrary. Nobody approached Buster, however the surfer was in his line of sight and when he moved to return to the water, Buster took off. I’m happy to report that both incidents were handled by the same DOCARE Officer at different location upon their returns to Oahu.

 A Diane Gabriel text at 0933 brought word of a seal at the Elbow, Turtle Bay. I later got shots from Dr. Tom showing an animal. No ID could be confirmed by the shots, though it was a definite female. Awaiting further word.

 At 1106 Team Billand found Pohaku (RO28) at LahiLahi.

 Ocean Safety called at 1323 to advised that a seal had hauled out at Magic Island. I notified Dana. Dana advised that new volunteer Barbara responded but the animal was gone when she arrived.

 A conversation with Dana at 1324 brought news that Right Spot (R016) has a couple of new wounds. She had been seen late yesterday at Bath Tub Beach, and was thought to have wounds. One on her ventral side and one behind the RFF, per Dana. She advised that NOAA personnel were going out to check on her. Awaiting further word.

 Buster and Bad guys 
Pohaku at LahiLahi

 Nani at Moku Nui
 unidentified female at  turtle bay
 unknown at Marine Corp Base

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