Friday, September 8, 2017

9/8/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: R303 BG, Holokai RG40, RJ16/17 (PO4), Pohaku R028, RIP RR70, and Kaimana in the News

Today's Dailies are brought to you by Lesley, Team Billand, Vicki, Gayle and Tammy.  Seems like it was a busy day with some new cast of characters.  Also if you haven't seen it on the news, or on social media here is a link to the story about Kaimana's Hooking (she freed herself all is good).

Lucky Lesley went to check the beach this morning and was pleasantly surprise by R303 BG stretched out along the beach plump and green.  She left a stinky package behind. ( back in the day NOAA would give folks a Poo & Spew tee shirt if you brought them samples of vomit or poop, I unfortunately never received one although I did collect poo once).

Miss Vicki was on the North Shore and found Holokai (RG40) hanging out in the same place for the past 3 days, he too is looking mighty green.  Vicki's second find of the day was RJ16 hanging out by the keiki pool just resting and being content.

Team Billand checked in on Pokaku (R028) they spoke to a few folks and put up a makeshift zone to help keep folks at the beach park away. Today is day 3 of her molt. Their second find was a big surprise!  They checked out Kahe and found a seal semi submerged, initially no tags were visible. Seal finally moved and Barb ID'd RR70 RIP. This is his first time Team Billand has ever found him at this beach all these years.

Gayle saw 3 critters on Rabbit Island today, two arrived together at 13:45. Gayle big surprise today was finding her favorite critter Kaiwi RK96 ducked in between some rocks. Good eye Gayle!

Tammy sent some absolutely adorable photos of RJ16 formerly known as PO4. Tammy reported he was laying in the tide pool and something startled him and he flip flopped around.  Thank you Tammy, I'm sure you had a good laugh.

R303 BG 
 Holokai RG40
 little greeny
RJ16/17 formerly known as PO4
Pohaku R028 
 small amount of fur molted away
2 critters - one of them looks small enough to maybe be Aka
 Kaiwi got herself tucked in at Kokee flats
 soooo silly

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