Monday, September 4, 2017

9/4/2017 In Addition: Lesley's Ka'ena Point Update

By going down to check on our molting R330 “Squinty” I decided to go along and do the KPt hike solo.
“Squinty” is ~40% molted. He was down from our house, in the afternoon when I came back he had moved to Birth Beach.
I looked at all crevice’s from here to the entrance of the NARS area and didn’t find another seal.
RW02 “PVKauai” was inside Ka’ena’s Pool where he was seen a couple of weeks ago.
There I met Paul, our Lanai Lookout diver, he told me there were 2 seals playing in the Main Pool and 2 hauled out in the Back Beach area. Of the 4 seals he IDed N9 bleach but I never saw him and R76 tag -”Rip”
I found RR70 “Rip” freshly hauled out on Back Beach, I knew it was him but it took forever to get that tag shot.
RL42 was camouflaged and blended in to rocks on the left side of the path from Back Beach to Main Beach
On my way back I saw a freshly hauled out seal on a very full Hidden Beach. It was RK36 “Kauai Kolohe”. That was perfect coexistence situation. I did outreach for at least 20 people. Thank you to our ambassador “Kaimana”, the beachgoers new all about her and how to be respectful.

Jaime Raduenzel (Outreach & Education for KPt) arrived and we spent a couple of hours chatting about new plans. 

R330 Squinty - oh brother he's a mess - just want to scratch him
 Great photo of the molting process 
 RK36 Kauai Kolohe
 RW02 PV Kauai

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