Monday, September 11, 2017

9/11/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: Squinty, BG, Kauai Kolohe, Pohaku, RIP, Kaiwi and Rabbit Island Critters

Today's Dailies are brought to you by Lesley, Team Billand and Gayle.  

Lesley got another surprise this morning when checking in on the critters, where there was two there is now THREE.  How cool is that.!!!   First Squinty R330, joined by R303 BG and now RK36 Kauai Kolohe decided to come hang out.  What a treat to have three critters hanging out by your home.

Team Billand once again found Pohaku RO28 at Depots at the crack of dawn. Already there were people out and about with one family watching over her. Team Billand spent a few hours with them providing them with information and doing outreach with other. 
At 9:15 a volunteer arrived on site, Team Billand left to check on other locations.  Their only other find was RR70 Rip at Maili. 

Gayle's email brought news that Right Spot "may" have spent the night at Kaupo beach but she was not there when Gayle arrived. She did find Kaiwi at Kokee flats and 2 critters on Rabbit Island.

 Squinty R330
 Kauai Kolohe and BG
 BG  RK36 Kauai Kolohe scar under RFF
 Pohaku in full molt mode 
 LOL - crab on his back
 Rabbit Island Critter 
 Kaiwi at Kokee 

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