Wednesday, September 6, 2017

9/6/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: Rabbit Island Critters, Pohaku (RO28), RN14, UU@Campbells, Squinty (R330)

Today's Dailies are brought to you by Team Billand, Lesley and Gayle. As a side note just want to let the folks in Florida (Alice and Glenn) we are thinking of you and praying for your safety.  Don't let this storm change how you feel about our old beloved Irma.

At 5:50am Team Billand found Pohaku at Maili Beach Park again, this is day 2 at this new location.  They reported her presence to the hotline. They spent a good part of the morning watching over her and doing some outreach.  At 9:40 am Melina arrived with signs and Team Billand left shortly after. They would return late in day to find her resting and left her for the day.

Their second find brought Barbara great joy. Found a seal high up on the rocks, it was difficult to get an ID but finally after an hour he moved, and lo and behold a bleach number N14.  

Team Billand's last find for the day was a U/U at Campbells. The critter was doing 6 to 7 minute dives offshore. After an hour they still were not able to get an ID.

Gayle spotted 3 critters on Rabbit Island today.

I got two updates today from Lesley, which when you see the pictures you have to agree mother nature is really amazing.  Squinty had spent the night and this morning he was about 60% molted and close to the water. Well this evenings email informs us he went for a swim and upon his return he's closer to 90% molted. I bet he feels a whole better....he for sure looks better.

 Pohaku RO28 
 UU at Campbells 
 2 of the 3 Rabbit Island Critters
 R330 Squinty Morning Shots 60% molted - I had to look twice to see if he had some company :-)
 Late afternoon after a swim.... look how handsome!

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