Saturday, September 9, 2017

9/9/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: (R330) Squinty & (R303) BG, (RW02) PVKauai, (RO40) Ka'ena, (RO28) Pohaku, U/U@Campbells, (RR70) RIP, (R016) Right Spot, (RJ58) Kaimana and 3 UUs on Rabbit Island

Today's Dailies are brought you by Lesley and Marilyn made their Saturday morning Ka'ena Point hike, Gayle was on the east side, Team Billand spent most of their day at Maili Beach Park, and Team T&D somewhere on Oahu.

Lesley started her morning checking out Birth Beach and found a very fit newly molted Squinty keeping BG company, apparently they spent the night together.  BG (R303) looks like she might be getting ready for her molt. Wonder if Squinty is keeping her company or if he's in cruise mode.

Marilyn met up with Lesley and they headed for Ka'ena Point from the Mokuleia side. They found PV Kauai (RW02) on the beach in Ka'ena's pool. He was ID'd by his W04 and W14 tags. Their next find was Ka'ena (RO40) snoozing on the rocks in the middle of the main pool. He was ID'd by his dorsal pit scar, applied N9 bleaches.

Team Billand spent most of their day with Pohaku (RO28) once again (day 5) at Maili Beach Park, which is quite a busy place on the weekends.  At 5:45am she was high up on by the grassy area, they out up some sticks and left a message for the hotline.  Pohaku's molt is progressing across her chest and up the side. At 9:15 they left to check on other sites, a volunteer came with signs.  

They found RIP RR70 in Maili resting on the rocks alone. They didn't have a chance to do another check on him.  Their next stop was at Campbells watching a U/U doing 5 minute dives. They spent an hour watching trying to get an ID, animal has white muzzle and clean coat.

At 2:00 they returned to sit with Pohaku. They counted over 100 guests they spoke to and gave them the monk seal 101 education. At 5:40 pm Pohaku left the site, who knows where she'll go or if she'll return.

Gayle saw 3 critters on Rabbit Island, but wasn't able to get a good photo. She did find Right Spot (R016) at Kaupo Beach.  I guess this is turning out to be her beach.

Somewhere at sometime Team T&D came across a chubby little weaner. Turns out to be Kaimana RJ58 doing weaner things.

Squinty and BG
 Two of them together late morning
 BG R303 - she's a beauty 
 Squinty looks tiny compared to her
 RW02 PVKauai  my mistake it's really Ka'ena
 RO40 Ka'ena and this is RW02
 her exit in the afternoon
 UU at Campbells
Right Spot 
 Kaimana blowing bubbles
 found something... is it food? probably not
 Look at that muzzle so clean no.... scratches, cuts, or hooks.

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