Tuesday, September 5, 2017

9/5/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: Rabbit Island Critters, Pohaku, Kekoa, and Benny.

Today's Dailies are brought to you by Gayle, Team Billand and Kudos to 808 Cleanups. From time to time different organizations overlap, when communities (groups) come together it's amazing what can be accomplished.

Gayle reported 3 critters on Rabbit Island today. No details, no id, just seal critters.

Team Billand first seal find was RK72 Kekoa Alii in Maili, he was up on the rocks alone. On a later check he was still there but moved to shallow water.

Pohaku RO28 relocated to Maili Beach park, they found her near the trees, and volunteer Melina was also there watching over her.  They did go back and rechecked and Melina was still hanging out with Pohaku.

Big news was Team Billands find of da Benny at White Plains. They received a couple of calls so they left to investigate. Benny was hauling out, came up on shore looked around sniffed the air. He rested for about five minutes and entered the water heading east.  This dude is in full cruise mode.

A BIG SHOUT OUT to 808 Cleanups!  I saw on social media earlier today they had picked up over 500 pounds of trash. ( I tried to find the original post but couldn't) I was thrilled to see Barbara's email with some pictures showing them out there today. It's my understanding that Melina put out the call to them and they responded.... and fast!  Thank you Melina!  I have so much respect for 808 Cleanups, I know a few of the volunteers and they are doing amazing work!!

 Rabbit Island Critter
 Kekoa RK72 
 Pohaku R028
 da Benny!
 808 Cleanups at work
 great work

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