Thursday, September 7, 2017

9/7/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: Rk36 Kauai Kolohe, R330 Squinty, RN58 Luana, RW02, RO40 Ka'ena, PO4 RJ16/17, RO28 Pohaku, & RV08 Buster

Today's Dailies are brought to you by Lesley, Team T&D, and Team Billand.  Also received some news that PO4 received his bling today he is now RJ16/J17. Thank you Tracy for the update!

Lesley checked this morning on R330 Squinty and she found RK36 Kauai Kolohe in front of the house.  Squinty was in the exact same spot he was last night.

Team T&D did the Ka'ena Point trek today and came across four seals. Their first find was Luana RN58 near 10 minute beach. She was still there on their way out.  RW02 was their next find at Hidden Beach and he also was their on their way back.  Ka'ena RO40 was at the end of the trek.  Along with Lesley's sighting they also spotted RK36.

Team Billand found Pohaku at 5:30am Maili Beach Park this is her 3rd day. They made a makeshift zone with sticks, until Melina arrived at 8:30. They left at 8:45am to search for others.  They returned to the site later in the afternoon and Pohaku was still resting. 

At 9:20am they found Buster RV08 at White Plains. The lifeguards had roped off the area and the adoring fans gathered. Team Billand called the hotline who knew about the seal and Barbara was able to provide a positive ID. 

R330 Squinty showing off his new coat
3 scars can now be easily seen 
 RK36 on a sand pillow 
Luana RN58
 RW02 looking pretty green
Ka'ena RO40
 PO4 gets his bling RJ16/17  Lookat how chubby he is
 Maybe she's going to molt soon.
Buster V08

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