Thursday, February 26, 2015

2/26/2015 Honey Girls' Giving Birth Video

Here's the full version of Diane's video that many saw on Hawaii News Now as an edited version. ( the link below will take you to the clip posted on facebook) I am sure the official news clip will be available tomorrow for viewing....

Thank you Diga for the scoop!  Amazing video.... gives us all a chance to enjoy the experience.... Our Honey Girl is something else !!!  


Link to facebook snippet


madhatter said...

Wow, that was really cool to see that.
Honey Girl is so sweet.

Barbara said...

Diane, I cant imagine observing this actual birthing, so dramatic. One can really appreciate the life of a struggling specie...THE HAWAIIAN MONK SEAL.

My feelings,Fear seeing the flippers coming out FIRST...oh my gosh.

And the pushing from Miss Honeygirl, fantastic, she is so strong a mom.

And when the movement of the flippers began, I was so joyful to see that. Ok, this little soul is coming world...and that it did. Fantastic DIANE GABRIEL.

The footage just amazing...I so appreciate R5AY. She worked hard to bring this pup into the world.

Thanks Diane, you are awesome yourself, such a steady hand in documenting this birthing. God Bless you...I know you will be out there like all the rest, guarding this sweet little soul for months.

Thanks for an amazing, beautiful, sensational time...of the BIRTH.

Phew, I feel so exhausted with the drama...but now, seeing the pup going for the FOOD...incredible, relief to see it so ALIVE!!!!