Thursday, February 5, 2015

2-5-2015 DB's Dailies: U/F & U/M @ RI, Pohaku @ PC, Haupu @ Nimitz Cove

absolutely hate ending a day with an Unknown. Today, despite a day of observing 2 critters on Rabbit Island, beginning at separate locations, coming together at the left end, swimming the frontage of RI, and hauling out to Rocky Right Beach at the right end of the beach, they just wouldn’t give me what I needed to see. At 0859 what would prove to be an U/F hauled out an moved up to the log, 40 ft left of 1BS. At the same time I found an U/M at the right end of the beach at Seal Rock Inlet. He would entered the water at 1116 and haul out, and move up to join the female at 1128. She met him halfway. Both would move down, and enter the water at 1144. At 1249 with the female in the lead, they both hauled out amongst the rocks of Rocky Right Beach, and became invisible behind them.

 Chances are good that the female was either Aukai or Kaiwi, but I can’t prove it. I lean toward Aukai, simply because when she hauled out to RRB it was to the exact same location as yesterday. The male is still a mystery. I believe it to be the same U/M from yesterday, but ??????

 At 0630 Team Billand called with the report of Pohaku (RO28)at Paradise Cove. They would depart her departure at 1420.

 At 0900 they reported Haupu (RB24) at Nimitz Cove. Surfer George advised them that Haupu had departed at 1600.

 In the Yesterday’s News department, posse member Ken Tingman sent shots of Kolohe & RW02 from his End of the World trek to Ka’ena Point.

ONE LAST NOTE.... a friend of mine staying at Turtle Bay sent me an email stating N31 (La'akea)
was there from late morning and still there at sunset.... no pictures.
AND finally I;m glad there were no seals at Sandy's since this evenings news reported a vehicle on the beach stuck in the stand and the idiot was shooting gunshots into the air.... the good news he was taken into custody.

 Unidentified Female
 Unidentified Female and Unidentified Male
 two seals one male the other female....
 unidentified male 
Happy Haupu at Nimitz
 Pohaku at Paradise cove
 oh geesh !!!  POHAKU what the hell you thinking!
YESTERDAY's NEWS  Kolohe at Ka'ena Point
 Look how handsome he is
 RW02 and Kolohe 

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barbara said...

With all these spills going on, could the seals at R.I be: KEKOA ALII and U ilani??? We did not see them at the REEF yesterday either, just a thought. Both have been there in the past.

Diesel Spill, now the Jet Fuel is going on?

Our seals also got through the great Mollasses Spill as well. That was the most horrible thing to witness all the dead animals along the shore lines. ANd who knows what it has done to our coral reefs, FOREVER?

I am sure it changed alot of things, for our critters...sad.

And I did see the story on RI as well, a nut case. Sure hope no seals were out there at the time.

There was also a killing at Tracks, a stabbing..a place where seals go...the story was: Man stabs lady at 8AM IN THE MORNING. So glad we werent looking for seals as we do at that hour.

On a happier note, Pohaku was again at Paradise Cove...and left, but seeing her going UNDER THE ROPES out in cove, scared me to death.

And Miss Haupu was snoozing at Nimitz again, all by herself..guess Pohaku just wants her own..SPACE. TOO bad, I liked it that two females hung out together in one cute. And with a turtle as well..PC, Lucky or TRIPOD.

Lets hope today will be a nicer day out there, SAFE for us all, including our poor critters.

And where the heck is: BENNY???? Every day we look for hours..we just cant find him. I worry. I worry. Bah...