Thursday, February 26, 2015

2/25/2015 Highlight of the Day First Pup on Main Hawaiian Islands for 2015

 HOORAY!!!!!!  What wonderful news!  Big MAHALOs to the team of volunteers who were out there and secured the area in record time !!!  Let's hope we have a peaceful and amazing pupping experience.... Thank you Diane G for sharing these amazing photos.... I know you said to pick a couple but... it was soooo hard to choose so I included most of them !! 

 Bun in the oven is all baked and ready. 
 little noodle shortly after birth
 she's such a good momma
 okay this is a smart kid... it usually takes a little bit for them to find the food source...
 you tell 'em Honey Girl  !!
 Okay everyone at once.... AWWWWWWW

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madhatter said...

Yea Honey Girl, Didn't she have the 1st pup of 2014 too?
Did another seal come around her?
Honey Girl you are awesome!!