Monday, October 6, 2014

10/6/2014 DB's Dailies: Kea@SB, Duke,Kaiwi,Aukai&Kainoa@RI, Haupu@WP, U/U@Kaimana, Ua' Malie@HR, La'akea@TB

At 0608 I found an overnighted Kea (RN46) at the outfall , Sandy Beach. He has remained all day. Gayle called at 1745 to advise that Kea was departing. As I was driving thru Sandy’s after Gayle and I loaded up the stuff, Cianna called at 1754 with a report of a “swimming head” amongst the line up at Sandy’s I could confirm that it was Kea heading off to Tako Bell for supper.  

I arrived at Makai Pier at 0650 to find Duke (RA12) & Kaiwi (RK96) together 80 ft left of 1BS, and Aukai (RL12) & Kainoa (RN04) in the Morning Glory, 40&60 ft left of 1BS. Aukai would move down and depart at 1144. I did not see her again today. Kainoa would be gone when I got back to the pier at 1144, but at 1145 I found him hauling out to the far left end of the beach, and galumph up to join Kaiwi & Duke. All three remained the rest of the day. Duke’s D#3 molt is 10%.

 At 1218 Ocean Safety called with the report of an animal at Kaimana Beach. I notified Dana. Awaiting further word.

 At 1313 Team Billands advised that they’d received a call about an animal at White Plains, and were responding. At 1359 the confirmed the Haupu (RB24) ID, fronting #1707.

DigaMail brought news from the Upper East Side. Diane,Karen T&Lesley did the Turtle Bay area trek. They found Ua’ Malie (RT10) at “Ua’s Hideaway”, High Rock. At Hanaka’ilio Beach (2nd Beach) they found La’akea (RK82).

Aukai and Kainoa
 Duke and Kaiwi 
 Kainoa, Kaiwi and Duke
 Kea early morning at Sandys 
 beautiful sandy beach no footprints!
 Haupu at White Plains
 giving sit ups a new meaning
 little crab ticklung her toes
 Ua Maile - she's getting so big

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