Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10/14/2014 DB's Dailies: Kolohe,UM(a),UM9b),Kainoa@RI, T990@MP, Kaiwi@BF, Kea@SB, Haupu@Nim Cove, RIP@Maili Pt, Right Spot@MCBH

At 0727 I check the AD estuary. T990 was gone. I picked up the stuff and continued on.

At 0658 on my first check of Rabbit Island , I found what would prove to be Kolohe (RW22) in the Morning Glory , and an U/M with a new coat, and 2 red tags, at Left Middle Cliff. My guess is that he was a juvenile, but ??? He would later relocate to 1BS.

Kolohe would move down to the far left end of the beach at 0921, allowing the ID, by his right side NB. At 1103 what turned out to be Kainoa (RN04) hauled out to join Kolohe.

At 1202 a old coat U/M hauled out and bellowing all the way moved to Kolohe & Kainoa. After some words with Kolohe he moved to join Kainoa who had moved away when he saw him coming. The male would move away from Kainoa and move closer to Kolohe after a short while.

Meanwhile to young U/M had hauled out to 1BS, and began galumphing toward Kainoa. He kept his distance, but had words with the other 2 males. Kainoa & the younger U/M would enter the water at 1245, only to haul out again fronting 1BS at 1312.

The old coat U/M would enter the water at 1243. I did not see him again. Well...... maybe I did see him again ????

I’d already departed the pier, when posse member Ginger called at 1612 with the report of an animal hauling out to the Makapuu side of Makai Pier. When I arrived at 1622 I found T990, 30 ft east of the pier. I cordoned him off and he remained at dark. He is at the top of my list for the green U/M on RI today, but ????

It had been impossible to get to Blowhole Lookout or Lanai Lookout today due to the “perfect storm” of road paving and yet another production company taking over both lookouts.

At 1704 I got to Lanai Lookout, and found Kaiwi (RK96) on Buster Flats.

 At 1730 I found Kea (RN46) on the outfall at Sandy Beach. I cordoned him off and he remains at dark.

At 0907 Team Billand reported Haupu (RB24) at Nimitz Cove. Tracy went there today, and got an N24 bleach on Haupu.

At 1425 Dana called to advise that Tony Q., had reported that Right Spot (R016) continues to be at MCBH.

At 1551 Team Billand reported RIP (RR70) a Maili Point.

At 1708 the Billands reported a small animal foraging off shore of Nimitz Cove. While an U/U is required they felt it might be U’ilani.

Kainoa, um um and Kolohe... LOL funniest list of names...
 whoever they all are.... it's a party on Rabbit Island 
 T990 at Makai Pier 
 old dude hanging out 
 Haupu at Nimitz 

 she got her bleach...  
Tracy and Rob... hanging out for Haupu's bleaching
 Rip at Maili Point 
 Beautiful end of the day photo..... looking good Robert! 

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