Friday, October 17, 2014

10/17/2014 Lesley's Update on RW02 and Buster

The day started at dawn, checking on an overnighted RW02 "Kauai" from the driveway and there he was, sleeping near the Naupaka line.
Kana'i, my mini assistant and hiking pal, woke up just in time to join me on the early morning beach check. We started by Birth Beach and walked down to Camp Erdman.
We saw traces of an evening haul out & early leave ( I had checked the area at sunset yesterday) in the area RN58 "Luana" has been hauling out.
We watched RW02 "Kauai" do his morning stretches, both baby and seal had a little nap until the sun came up behind us and it started getting real hot. As we walked back up the driveway, I looked back and saw RW02 move to the water line. When I left at 10:30AM he was no longer on the beach - probably went to his morning swim as he has done the last several days.
One of the HOTLINE calls came in from Pomai, a beachgoer reporting a seal at Diamond Head. He sent me some photos and question marks started going over my mind: tagged seal? a little green? a scar on its back? with what looked like a "V" tag?.
A second call came in from Al (another beachgoer) saying he had put DH signs up.
Curiosity got the best of me and off I went to respond to the call.
Upon arrival I saw the new tags V38/39 ...."BUSTER", unfortunately with out his crittercam & celtag.
Charles & Tracy were informed.

Jeannie Martinson called this afternoon reporting a beautiful RI37 "Bessie/Ipo" hauled out at Rocky Point / NS.

Thank you to all volunteers and beachgoers for the reports to the HOTLINE today
 Aloha,  Lesley 

 Buster without his camera
 RW02 peeling apart

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