Thursday, October 23, 2014

10/22/2014 Lesley's Update

It's been a hot/rainny muggy day out here @ Ka'ena. 
At first dawn light I checked on RW02 "Kauai PV" (from the driveway) there was a long trail down to the water and no seal.
Just past 2:00PM as I was walking down the road heading to hike the point, Kimo called from Laniakea saying it was raining really heavy. 
Looking back in that direction I saw it coming fast from all sides. Change of plans were in order so I strolled down to the beach.
To my surprise the turtle I saw from the corner of my eyes turned put to be a very green little RN58 "Luana". 
She hauled out found a comfy spot on the sand and went to sleep.
No signs or SPZ were needed. Hotline was informed
We'll check on her again this evening.  Aloha, Lesley

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