Sunday, October 12, 2014

10/11/2014 Lesley's Saturday South Shore and Ka'ena Point Trek

Marilyn & I were joined by Melanie Oerter from the Minnesota Zoo for our Ka’ena Pt monitoring hike.
R912 “Nihoa” was our first find. We spotted her as we past the Dillingham Airfield; she was hauled out just before Camp Erdman. We drove to CE and walked thru to get to the beach. Although we could see that the seal had a brand new coat at first it was hard to confirm her ID because of her position and the light.
We then went down to check on RW02 “Kauai”. He was in the exact same location as yesterday morning, where hev spent 4 days and 3 nights.
Birth Beach was checked and was seal less
Our hike to the point started at 9:00 AM, after reporting a broken into car in the parking lot to 911.
The trades are back and the waves were big. The hike to the point was very pleasant.
Just as we reached BG’s pool we saw R303 “BG” swimming in and hauling out on the little beach. She has started her molt and is at a conservative 5%
RO40 “Ka’ena’ was stretched out on the pebble beach in front of the Main Pool. Shortly after a second seal swam into the pool and bee lined straight to “Ka’ena”. One bark and the seal hullied himself back into the water. Later the photos taken helped us ID the seal as RE74 “Benny”.
On our way back we checked again on “BG” she had moved further up and rolled on her side exposing her bellie (confirming her ID by scars) and her molt.
Kimo L. texted me at 9:55 AM, reporting that RW02 “Kauai” had just entered the water so we drove straight to CE to check on R912 “Nihoa”. There was a second seal with her, it was RW02 “Kauai”. We observed them for a while and saw some interaction.
She in a beautiful new coat and him green as a leaf.
Today our Mocha Freeze and Hawaiian Chips on the way back were well-deserved and welcome.

Back on the South shore, I drove out to Alan Davis for a late afternoon check on T990, DB reported this morning that he had overnighted. He was still on the same little beach at the back of the estuary among mangrove trees.
I let DB know that he was still there and was told that RK96 “Kaiwi” was at Buster Flats. She was still there when I checked on my way home.
What a perfect SEAL day 7 seals / 8 sightings !  Aloha, Lesley 

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