Thursday, October 23, 2014

10/22/2014 DB's Dailies: Kolohe&Duke@RI, Kea@SB, Kaiwi&Buster@BF, T990@Kahala

On my 0615 I found that Kea was no longer at the outfall , Sandy Beach. I picked up the stuff.

At 0704 I found what would prove to be a 20% molted Kolohe (RW22) in the Morning Glory , left of 1BS, and Duke (RA12) at the far left end of the beach. Kolohe would galumph down to join him at 0925. They were the Rabbit Island cast for today. Off & on rain made it a tough day at the pier.

At 1028 on a routine cruise through Sandy Beach, I found a newly arrived Kea (RN46), just galumphing up the outfall. I cordoned him off and he remains. Kea was still there at dark. Thanks to auntie Gayle.

When I arrived at Lanai Lookout at 1100, I found Kaiwi (RK96) & Buster (RV08) together on Buster Flats. This marks Buster’s return to the ol’ neighborhood after is Critter Cam adventure and a brief SW quadrant visit. The boy is back home ! They were still there on my 1600 check.

Seeing Buster was certainly a highlight, but finding afternoon email from Karen Rohter, advising that she had found T990 west of the hotel in Kahala was right up there too. I have not see the old dude since he left Makai Pier on the 10-16-14

In the Yesterday’s News department Kimo Smith sent shots from his Ka’ena Point trek yesterday. He found RW02 at Camp Erdman, Luana (RN58) at 10 Minute Beach, RK36, and a 100% molted BG (R303) at the point.

Duke and Kolohe
 Kaiwi and Buster 
 Kea at Sandys
 T990 visiting Kahala
Yesterday's News from Kimo BG at Ka'ena Point
Luana at 10 minute beach

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