Monday, October 27, 2014

10/26/2014 Additional Sunday Seal Sightings ( Haupu & Benny at Paradise Cove - Right Spot at MCBH)

When I logged in this evening there were a couple of additional emails from different folks sending in their photos of seal sightings.... Two additional folks were at Paradise cove and got to see Haupu (N24) and Benny...  I want to thank Brooke who was visiting Paradise Cove with her family.... 
Also a shout out to Angel who sent in additional pics of Haupu and Benny.

photos courtesy of Brooke
Benny - photos courtesy of Angel
 Benny on the move.... he's looking quite big or he just has a really small face
 Haupu and Benny 
 now that's a bleach mark !!!  n24
 sharing the beach
 Haupu's sandy side
In addition to the Paradise Cove sitings Tony was out on MCBH and got an update on Right Spot from the lifeguards...
She was hauled out about 20 yards west of the Hole 13 lifeguard tower. The lifeguards said she was already there when they showed up for duty at 8 AM. I also learned the lifeguards were unaware she'd been in the vicinity just around the corner molting since Oct 9.

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