Thursday, October 2, 2014

10/1/2014 DB's Dailies: Duke&Kaiwi@RI, T990@Aina Haina, Rocky@Kaimana, Haupu@NIM, Benny@WP, RIP@Makaha , UU@ RR

On my 2nd look at Rabbit Island at 0842 I found Duke (RA12) & a 90% molted Kaiwi (RK96) together , 60 ft right of 3BS. They were to be the entire RI cast today.

 A Dana call at 0837 reported a an animal at Aina Haina. Posse member Mae Takahashi’s photo at 0840 confirmed that T990 was still at the backyard he has been at for 3 days now. On my 1339 check, T990 was gone. I hope he returns. It’s the perfect old dude hangout. I even thought about taking the spot myself. Now that's a picture I would like to see.... DB & T990 hanging out.

 A 0945 call from posse member Christian Young advised that a 100% Rocky (RH58) was once again at Kaimana Beach. She was already cordoned off, so somebody was aware of her presences earlier. Thank you Christian for the photos and for letting me know. Per Dana she would depart at 1230.

 At 0958 Team Billand reported Haupu (RB24) at Nimitz Cottages, between #1945 & 1813. Per the Billands she would depart at 1325.

 The Billands followed a swimming head from Nimitz Cottages, and then passing White Plains, headed east from 1002. At 1045 the advised that it was Benny (RE74).

 At 1801 the Billands confirmed that Benny (RE74) had hauled out to Tower#1 , White Plains.

 At 1031 the Billands advised that volunteer Debbie had reported RIP (RB46) in Makaka. RIP would depart at 1200.

 The Billands called at 1350 to advise that Eileen had called reporting an adult sized U/U at the Reef Runway. No other info.

( on a side note.... DB were you or any of the posse around when some dude fell off Lanai lookout? or when another dude was hurt at china walls?  Seems like there was a lot of action on your side today.... )

 T990 blending in with the scenery
 Rocky with her new coat...
 Haupu at Nimitz 
 she's looking healthy.... 
 Benny at White Plains
 classic Benny
 look out kid you bug me
 mine mine mine mine
 I don't understand.... I wanted that board... what's the problem?
 okay then... i hang out here

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Anonymous said...

In answer to Donna's question, No..I was not around for the action, however Gayle reported seeing fire trucks at both locations. DB