Sunday, August 6, 2017

8/6/2017 Monk Seal Dailies: Benny RE74, Pohaku RO28, RN14, Rocky RH58 and Kaimana

Today's dailies are brought to you by Team Billand and Tony.  A brief update from yesterday, Team Billand did not find Ka'ale today, but did receive word from NOAA that the hook doesn't look harmful and they would be checking up on him to make sure there is no line attached.  Thank you Team Billand for your watchful eye and big hearts.

Onto today's story, Mr. Benny was in pursuit of Miss Pohaku when RN14 arrived at Paradise cove. Benny worked his might to chase him off, knocking over signs and chasing him off. At one point Benny was so worked up between protecting Pohaku and going after RN14.  Miss Pohaku was unimpressed and snoozed through most of it.

RN14 got the message and took off.... Team Billand found him at Kahe resting up on the rocks.

Tony sent a photo of Mommy Rocky and PO3 Kaimana taken around noontime.

 Benny going for RN14 ignoring the sign
 But the there is Pohaku
 I'm coming ... stay there
 Pohaku  Zzzzzz
 RN14, Benny and Pohaku
 Benny & Pohaku
RN14 at Kahe


Madhatter in Ohio said...

Gotta love Benny! He is a hoot.

Kamruzzman Kanak said...

This is very nice to see.Nice Photo.